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Visual Imagemapper is an image map editor; easy to use for the amateur, but still powerful enough
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8 September 2013

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This is a tool that helps create image maps.

Visual Imagemapper is an image mapping tool. It will be useful for HTML developers to create clickable areas (with hyperlinks) on an entire image or parts of it defined by the map. While the tool makes it easy to use for amateurs; professional developers also would find it a productivity tool. The hotspot areas on the images can be defined by the map and can be linked to a URL of a page on a site or somewhere on the Internet. Existing image maps could be loaded and saved from storage. Editing them in a WYSIWYG mode or text mode is possible. Polygons and rectangles can be rotated to suit your needs. These shapes could be rotated and flipped easily. Several levels of undo and redo helps recover from any mistake that may happen. Different colors can be set on each hotspot, making it easier to work on document with many hotspots.

After you are satisfied with the map, you could lock the pieces. Prior to locking them you could preview in the internal as well as external browser. The type of hotspots could be changed easily even after they have been locked. When opening an html document, every picture in the file can be opened and changed if necessary. When working with it, the document could be zoomed up to 500%. The tabbed interface makes it possible to work on more than one document at a time. MAP code can be copied easily through the clipboard.

Publisher's description

Visual Imagemapper is an image map editor; easy to use for the amateur, but still powerful enough for the professional developer. An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable areas, also known as hotspots. Adding hotspots is both quick and easy when using Visual Imagemapper. You no longer have to cut and paste incomprehensible html code between the image map tool and the html editor, because you can easily open an existing html file, from which you select an image file to work with. Once you're done, you can save the code directly to the html file without changing the rest of the code in any way. If you need to edit the html code manually, it can be done - and you may even preview the map with the built-in viewer or an external browser.
Visual Imagemapper
Visual Imagemapper
Version 5.0
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